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About ageless

weight loss Ageless has been formed under the effective supervision and guidance of a panel of experts including Dietician physiotherapist,beauticians and doctors.we have been giving our services to people suffering from overweight and also obesity problems.Ageless has not even contributed in weight reduction but also helped its client get back into proper shape which could not only improve their appearances but also increase their selfconfidence and thereby helping them to acheive their goals in life with style and confidence.

Ageless slimming clinic has over 1500 satisfied clients and has been extremely successfull in delivering weightlose to our clients on time with a permanent solution.In Ageless treatment is completely non surgical,no pills ,no crash deiting nor excessive exercise which provide weightloss and inch loss without any sideeffects.At Ageless the client is exposed to a spacious and very comfortable ambience with all the privacy required by the client.Ladies and gents have separate treatment rooms with separate individual therapist to individual client.personal deiticians will always guide the client and help them to lead a healthy life.