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Our Treatments
Ageless slimming clinic specialises in INSTANT INCH LOSS FROM ANY PART OF THE BODY UPTO 5 INCHES IN 55 MINUTES
Inches reduction is made instant with our instant inch loss programmes which can reduce inches from any part of your body within 1 hour.Its a unique programme design for special requirements of clients who cannot spend hours together exercising for days with less result.It is completely herbal product base programme which instantly shows results on your body parts with permanent solutions. Ageless provides a complete solution to all weight and inch related problems and through excellent execution the client will gain back his proper body shape and reduces weight on speculated time.Ageless reduces weight and inches through its physiotherapy massages and machine sessions effectively without any side effects.
The programme includes the following treatments;
1.Instant inch loss Physiotherapy massages
2.Fat mobalising machine sessions
3.Body detoxifying therapies
4.Body muscle firmers
5.Skin tightening sessions etc
Physio therapy massage help the client in losing the required amount of fat from a desired area instantly through massage which is product base and which will mobalise the superficial fat with muscle tightening. Machine sessions will stimulates the muscle to help passive exercise of the fat containing muscles.Through machine sessions the body undergoes passive mode of excercising which help in fat mobalisation and fasten detoxification process in the body.Through effective expansion and contraction of muscle through machines the energy consumption of body increases helping in weight loss. Body firmers help in firming and tightening of muscle enabling body to look firm and fit.As fat loss increases the chances of flabby muscles anb loose skin body firmers will firm the muscles and tighten the skin simultaniously along with fat loss which will not allow the body to suffer with any kind of lose muscle or skin. Skin is tightened from the day one of the treatment so as to give atmost tightening and firming to the skin when a client loses considerable weight and the skin should not have any hanging loose flaps or folds on the body. Various other treatment like face lifting and breast reduction and enhancements are also given as part of body shaping programme in Ageless beauty clinic.